In the News

11.9.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Thirteen candidates who refused Dominion money win seats in General Assembly"

Robert Zullo

11.8.17, Huffington Post

"How Democrats Won Big In The Virginia House — And Why It Matters"

Daniel Marans

11.8.17, The Washington Post

"Is it finally blue? Democrats speed Virginia’s transformation — thanks to Trump"

Gregory Schneider

11.3.17, The American Prospect

"Between Pragmatism and Purity: Virginia Democrats Try to Come Together"

Manuel Madrid

10.18.17, In These Times

"Why the Democrats and Movements Need Each Other"

Frances Fox Piven, Lorraine C. Minnite

10.18.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam campaign flier removes picture of LG candidate Justin Fairfax"

Patrick Wilson

10.13.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Dominion executives bundle donations to Virginia lawmakers' campaign accounts"

Patrick Wilson, Graham Moomaw

10.13.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"A changing landscape for a power player"

Robert Zullo

9.27.17, Millennial Politics [Audio]

"New Pod: Virginia, #TakeAKnee, and Chelsea Manning"

Nathan Rubin

8.4.17, WVTF [Audio]

"Pipeline Prospects: Long-Term Implications"

Sandy Hausman

7.30.17, The Washington Post

"‘They would work their hearts out for him’ if only Northam opposed pipelines, protesters say"

Gregory Schneider

7.13.17, E&E News

"Northam won't 'hinder' Atlantic pipeline; greens affirm support"

Nick Bowlin

6.27.17, E&E News

"Northam struggles with pipeline ties as activists dig in"

Nick Bowlin

6.22.17, The American Prospect

"Virginia's Power Broker"

Manuel Madrid

5.23.17, CBS 19, Charlottesville [Video]

"Dozens of candidates reject campaign contributions from energy companies"

Bria White

5.11.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Perriello sold financial stake in company linked to pipeline and Trump's border wall"

Graham Moomaw

5.10.17, Bristol Herald Courier

"Tell your lawmakers to take the pledge: No more corporate cash"

Stephen Nash

5.8.17, The Roanoke Times

"Make 'em take the pledge: no more snuff boxes!"

Stephen Nash

5.3.17, The Washington Post

"Virginia power broker in the hot seat in governor's race"

Gregory Schneider

4.18.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"More than 50 Democrats running for Virginia House pledge to refuse Dominion money"

Graham Moomaw

3.31.17, Vocativ

"How A Progressive Virginia Group Is Trying To Win Locally"

Jacob Steinblatt

3.12.17, Blue Virginia

"The Question for 2017: To What Extent Can Virginia Dems Turn Our 3% “Win Rate” (2011-2015) Around?"

Lowell Feld

3.11.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Amid Trump resistance, Virginia Democrats see surge of candidates for House of Delegates"

Graham Moomaw

2.22.17, The Washington Post

"Republicans are facing the ire of the anti-Trump movement this week. Will it last?"

Paul Kane

2.17.17, Daily Press

"Indivisible rally set for Presidents Day in Williamsburg"

Tamara Dietrich

1.4.17, The Virginian-Pilot

"Virginia Beach Democrat hauls in money from all 50 states in bid to take Scott Taylor's House of Delegates seat"

Patrick Wilson, Mike Connors