In the News

8.3.18, InsideNoVa

"Republican in 8th District pledges not to take energy-company funds"

Scott McCaffrey

7.30.18, The Daily Press

"Virginia requires campaign finance reform"

Editorial Board

7.26.18, The Washington Post

"Virginia lobbyist defends a client in unexpected way: by saying no to politicians"

Gregory Schneider

7.6.18, The News & Advance

"'Pay to Play' in the State Legislature"

Staff Editorial

6.25.18, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Lobbying firm to Va. lawmakers: If you refuse Apco money, you won't get any from us"

Patrick Wilson

3.12.18, Waging Nonviolence

"Inside the grassroots plan to get fossil fuel money out of politics"

Will Lawrence

2.16.18, Richmond Times-Dispatch [Audio]

"Capitol Chat: Halftime at the General Assembly"

Graham Moomaw, Jeff Schapiro, Patrick Wilson

2.12.18, Huffington Post

"What A Battle Over Virginia’s Most Powerful Monopoly Can Teach Democrats Everywhere"

Daniel Marans

2.8.18, InsideNoVa

"Congressional candidates refusing cash from utility companies"

Alex Koma

2.8.18, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Major Democratic donor in Virginia aims to counter Dominion donations with his own money"

Graham Moomaw

2.7.18, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Majority of Democrats running for Congress in Va. pledge not to take money from Dominion, ApCo"

Patrick Wilson

12.23.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"After calls for campaign finance reform, Gov.-elect Ralph Northam takes corporate money for inauguration"

Graham Moomaw

12.5.17, Huffington Post

"Leaked PowerPoint Reveals The Gas Industry’s Playbook For Waging Pipeline Fights"

Alexander C. Kaufman

11.30.17, InsideNoVa

"Dominion Power faces new Prince William delegation"

Alex Koma

11.28.17, The Washington Post

“Campaign to elect a pipeline:” Va.’s most powerful company ran multi-front fight"

Gregory Schneider

11.9.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Thirteen candidates who refused Dominion money win seats in General Assembly"

Robert Zullo

11.8.17, Huffington Post

"How Democrats Won Big In The Virginia House — And Why It Matters"

Daniel Marans

11.8.17, The Washington Post

"Is it finally blue? Democrats speed Virginia’s transformation — thanks to Trump"

Gregory Schneider

11.3.17, The American Prospect

"Between Pragmatism and Purity: Virginia Democrats Try to Come Together"

Manuel Madrid

10.18.17, In These Times

"Why the Democrats and Movements Need Each Other"

Frances Fox Piven, Lorraine C. Minnite

10.18.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam campaign flier removes picture of LG candidate Justin Fairfax"

Patrick Wilson

10.13.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Dominion executives bundle donations to Virginia lawmakers' campaign accounts"

Patrick Wilson, Graham Moomaw

10.13.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"A changing landscape for a power player"

Robert Zullo

9.27.17, Millennial Politics [Audio]

"New Pod: Virginia, #TakeAKnee, and Chelsea Manning"

Nathan Rubin

8.4.17, WVTF [Audio]

"Pipeline Prospects: Long-Term Implications"

Sandy Hausman

7.30.17, The Washington Post

"‘They would work their hearts out for him’ if only Northam opposed pipelines, protesters say"

Gregory Schneider

7.13.17, E&E News

"Northam won't 'hinder' Atlantic pipeline; greens affirm support"

Nick Bowlin

6.27.17, E&E News

"Northam struggles with pipeline ties as activists dig in"

Nick Bowlin

6.22.17, The American Prospect

"Virginia's Power Broker"

Manuel Madrid

5.23.17, CBS 19, Charlottesville [Video]

"Dozens of candidates reject campaign contributions from energy companies"

Bria White

5.11.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Perriello sold financial stake in company linked to pipeline and Trump's border wall"

Graham Moomaw

5.10.17, Bristol Herald Courier

"Tell your lawmakers to take the pledge: No more corporate cash"

Stephen Nash

5.8.17, The Roanoke Times

"Make 'em take the pledge: no more snuff boxes!"

Stephen Nash

5.3.17, The Washington Post

"Virginia power broker in the hot seat in governor's race"

Gregory Schneider

4.18.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"More than 50 Democrats running for Virginia House pledge to refuse Dominion money"

Graham Moomaw

3.31.17, Vocativ

"How A Progressive Virginia Group Is Trying To Win Locally"

Jacob Steinblatt

3.12.17, Blue Virginia

"The Question for 2017: To What Extent Can Virginia Dems Turn Our 3% “Win Rate” (2011-2015) Around?"

Lowell Feld

3.11.17, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Amid Trump resistance, Virginia Democrats see surge of candidates for House of Delegates"

Graham Moomaw

2.22.17, The Washington Post

"Republicans are facing the ire of the anti-Trump movement this week. Will it last?"

Paul Kane

2.17.17, Daily Press

"Indivisible rally set for Presidents Day in Williamsburg"

Tamara Dietrich

1.4.17, The Virginian-Pilot

"Virginia Beach Democrat hauls in money from all 50 states in bid to take Scott Taylor's House of Delegates seat"

Patrick Wilson, Mike Connors