The Democratic Party

Both political parties are dealing with crises of identity. Meanwhile, most Americans yearn for evidence that politicians of either party are capable of - and willing to - govern with honesty, effectiveness, and the interests of their constituents in mind. We consider electoral politics the most obvious way to translate popular energy into political power, and our suggestion is that the Democratic Party can and should be the vehicle through which we pursue popular reform. The image below presents the basic structure of the national party and its key institutions; in reality, there's a complex web of activists, politicians, operatives, consultants, lobbyists, donors, and influencers of every variety who together form the network of human relations broadly considered the Democratic Party. 

Image from DPVA.

The Democratic Party of Virginia

This year the DPVA has been undergoing its reorganization per Section 4 of the Party Plan. From April to June, members were elected to our reorganized CD Committees and Central Committee. The image below presents the structure of the DPVA, though there are more caucuses than represented here. This December, the local city and county committees will reorganize - and elect their new officers. 

Image from  DPVA .

Image from DPVA.

Join the Party

The sheet below lists all local Democratic committees in Virginia, along with social media links, contact info for the chairs, and meeting times and places. It's a good idea to follow your local committee online or get on their email list, as meeting times and places are constantly changing.