Fair Electric Rates

In 2015, Virginia's General Assembly passed SB 1349, the infamous "rate freeze" bill. This legislation suspended regulatory reviews of electric rates. According to an SCC report, Dominion Energy has pocketed over a quarter of a billion dollars that – in part – should have been refunded to ratepayers since. Governor McAuliffe has claimed he’d support a repeal bill if it made it to his desk; presumably Ralph Northam would do the same.

You can read objections to the 2015 “rate freeze” bill from the Richmond-Times Dispatch Editorial Board, former Democratic Attorney General Andrew Miller, former Republican Attorney General Ken CuccinelliJeff Schapiro at RTD, and AG Mark Herring. 

State Senator Chap Petersen has introduced SB 9 for the upcoming 2018 session. The candidates below have stated that they would vote for a bill in line with SB 9's repeal of the 2015 "rate freeze" bill. 

In Support of SB 9

Incumbent Legislators:

SD 25: Sen. Creigh Deeds SD 29: Sen. Jeremy McPike SD 34: Sen. Chap Petersen

HD 11: Del. Sam Rasoul HD 25: Del. Steve Landes HD 37: Del. David Bulova HD 45: Del. Mark Levine

HD 13: Danica Roem HD 21: Kelly Fowler HD 31: Elizabeth Guzman HD 50: Lee Carter

HD 73: Debra Rodman

Unsuccessful in 2017 General Election Bids:

HD 1: Alicia Kallen HD 3: Bill Bunch HD 7: Flo Ketner HD 8: Steve McBride HD 9: Stephanie Cook

HD 10: Del. Randy Minchew HD 17: Djuna Osborne HD 18: Will King (Green) HD 20: Michele Edwards

HD 23: Natalie Short HD 24: John Winfrey (Independent) HD 25: Angela Lynn HD 26: Brent Finnegan

HD 27: Larry Barnett HD 28: Joshua Cole HD 29: Casey Turben HD 30: Ben Hixon HD 53: Mike Casey (Independent) 

HD 55: Morgan Goodman HD 56: Melissa Dart HD 58: Kellen Squire HD 59: Tracy Carver HD 59: Marcus Sutphin (Green) 

HD 60: Jamaal Johnston HD 62: Sheila Bynum-Coleman HD 64: Rebecca Colaw HD 65: Francis Stevens

HD 66: Katie Ann Sponsler HD 69: Montigue Magruder (Green) HD 74: Preston Brown (Independent) HD 77: Jeff Staples (Green)

HD 81: Kimberly Tucker HD 82: Leigh Anne Bowling HD 83: David Rose-Carmack HD 84: Veronica Coleman

HD 88: Steve Aycock HD 88: Gerald Anderson (Green) HD 88: Amanda Blalock (Independent) HD 89: Terry Hurst (Libertarian)

HD 91: Michael Wade HD 96: Kelly DeLucia HD 97: Cori Johnson HD 98: Sheila Crowley