Candidate Recruitment

We worked alongside several individuals and organizations to find candidates to oppose all incumbent Republicans in the House of Delegates. But we never expected the surge in individuals who, driven by a sense of civic duty, stepped up to run - in particular after the Women's March. As a result, we've made measurable progress in addressing one of the fundamentally undemocratic phenomena in Virginia: the lack of competitive elections.  

Image from VPAP.

Image from VPAP.


Now that we've entered the campaign phase, we're deploying two parallel targeting strategies with an expectation of long-term Democratic gains:

Maximize Electoral ROI & Take the Legislature:

Our first scheme targets 63 precincts across 7 HoD districts. We generated this set by taking into consideration - amongst other factors - flippable HoD districts this year, potential HoD specials due to Bethune-Hill next year, and competitive HoD and state Senate races in 2019. Our claim is that investment in these precincts this year will pay off over the following two, setting the stage for a Democratic takeover of the General Assembly in November of 2019. 

Expand the Democratic Coalition:

Our second scheme targets 65 precincts across 6 HoD districts that Tom Perriello won in the Democratic primary and are affected by the proposed pipelines. We hope to turn out voters who may feel otherwise alienated by LG Northam's positions on the proposed pipelines and Dominion Energy, and to further develop a broad Democratic coalition that could allow us to handedly defeat Republicans statewide for the foreseeable future.

Candidate Information

The sheet below lists all non-incumbent Democratic candidates, including their websites, social media links, and fundraising links, amongst other useful information.