It's easy to convince a passionate citizen to consider a run for office. But a cursory review of the process, of the intimidating barriers to entry, and of the immense sacrifice involved often drives those same citizens away. We hope to remove some of these barriers, ease these burdens, and provide expertise and resources to candidates we believe in.

Candidate Recruitment

We've been working alongside several individuals and organizations to find candidates to oppose all incumbent Republicans in the House of Delegates. The sheet below lists all non-incumbent Democratic candidates with their respective contact, social media, and fundraising links.  

If you're interested in running for House of Delegates this year, please follow the instructions below:


Our fundamental optimism is based on recent experience: citizens are assembling, discussing how to act politically, and in some cases joining their local Democratic committees. Those who understandably doubted the power of their votes now realize that, together, they're powerful. And if there were ever a time to exercise that power, ever a time in which civic responsibility dictates action, it's now. 

As we pursue our civic education efforts, we're also connecting with new political groups around the state. Our plan is to leverage our relationships in Virginia, intertwine these disparate networks, and implement systems and technologies to encourage and empower an emerging movement. We'll be releasing a more precise precinct-based organizing strategy after the primary and nominating caucuses.