(1) To inform the public about the structure and machinations of Virginia government, Virginia politics, special interests, and the inherent rights and power of citizens.

(2) To create a statewide organizing architecture capable of delivering increased turnout in 2017, thus assisting up-ticket Democratic candidates and delivering Democratic victories in the House of Delegates.

(3) To bundle and strategically deploy resources to select precincts across the state, focusing on flippable districts (2017 HoD, 2018 potential specials, 2019 state Senate) and building a formidable Democratic bench in less competitive locales.

Behind the Curtain

Activate Virginia was constituted to address an undemocratic status quo. We believe we're operating in politically exceptional times, and we're committed to realizing our potentials as citizens. Our team includes:

Josh Stanfield, Executive Director

Rob Waters, R&D Director

Nancy FrowertTreasurer

The Paradox

Activate Virginia is a political action committee registered with the Virginia Board of Elections, and all of our income and expenditures are open for public scrutiny. Yet we're operating in a special interest free-for-all due to our campaign finance laws (or lack thereof). The chart below outlines the extent of the problem. In order to actually compete in elections in Virginia, it's necessary to raise a tremendous amount of money.

We recognize this sordid state of affairs. We also understand that - in order to elect legislators who'll reform our campaign finance system - we have to thrive in an environment dominated by cash. We're willing to play the money game if that's what's required to effect change. Ultimately, our hope is to help elect representatives who pass reforms that make our existence as an organization impossible. In this paradoxical way we seem to be on a suicide mission. That's fine by us.  

Chart from Ballotpedia. 

Chart from Ballotpedia